Nina's Coffee Cafe

Nina's Coffee Cafe

The questions presented at Nina's Coffee Cafe.

1) Can you name this MN Courthouse?

2) Can you identify your MN Supreme Court Justices?

3) Driving which of the following can result in a DUI arrest in MN:
a) Car
b) Boat
c) Snowmobile
d) Motorcycle
e) Bicycle
f) Horse
g) Wheelchair
h) La-Z-Boy

4) Can you get charged with drinking underage because of Facebook pictures?

5) In MN, does having "bong water" count as drugs for drug charges?

6) What are the top two Constitutional Rights most people forget to use when arrested by the police?

1) It's the Hennepin County Government Center in Minneapolis, MN.

2) Top Row: Justice Lorie Skjerven Gildea, Justice Helen M. Meyer,Justice G. Barry Anderson, Justice Christopher J. Dietzen, Bottom Row:Justice Alan C. Page, Chief Justice Eric J. Magnuson, Justice Paul H.Anderson.

3) a) Yes,
b) Yes, boating while under the influence can get you arrested.  TheWater Patrol and DNR are looking for the signs of intoxicated boaters.There are several things you should do if stopped for boating whileintoxicated.  One of the first is to call us.
c) Yes, similar to boating, operating a snowmobile while intoxicated can result in being charged with a DUI.
d) Yes
e) Although there are no prominent cases in Minnesota, people have been arrested for biking while intoxicated in other states.
f) Again, no cases have been reported in Minnesota, but as we have mentioned in previous blog posts, it does happen.
g) Likely, although no reports of receiving a DUI from a wheelchairhave been reported in Minnesota.  Arrests have been made in Georgia andWisconsin.
h) Yes, although the La-Z-Boy was modified to include a lawn mower engine.

4) Yes, in November reports ofthis occurring in Wisconsin came to light.  Although no reports to thisextent have been seen in Minnesota, it's likely to happen.  If ithappens to you or a loved one, contact Ascheman & Smith immediately.

5) Yes, in a recent Minnesota Supreme Court ruling, "bong water" was determined to satisfy the requirements for a controlled substance.

6) The right to remain silent, andthe right to an attorney.  Although most people know these rights, theyfail to use them.  If your arrested don't talk to the nice friendlyofficer.  Tell her you want your attorney.  Put us in your cell phonenow, don't waste time trying to find one if it happens.  Better to haveus and never need us.

Thank you,
Landon J. Ascheman, Esq.
(B) 612.217.0077 (C) 651.280.9533 (F) 651.344.0700

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